Nachman BioMedical is a Boston-based executive recruiting and search firm specializing in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.
Since 1984, companies ranging from early stage enterprises to global market leaders have benefited from our expertise in finding the right candidate for the job.
We utilize our rich networks and excellent research capabilities to identify, qualify, and recruit highly skilled candidates.

Areas of Specialization

  • Engineering (mechanical, biomedical, electrical, software, chemical, plastics, manufacturing engineering)
  • Operations management
  • Quality assurance and quality engineering
  • Materials science
  • Marketing strategy and product management
  • Molecular and cell biology
  • Chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and biochemistry
  • Regulatory affairs and medical writing
  • Biostatistics and data management
  • Clinical trials management

Medical Devices and Healthcare Technologies

  • Instrumentation for patient monitoring and diagnosis (cardiac, neonatal, EEG, neuromuscular, perfusion)
  • Implantable devices and delivery systems (cardiovascular, orthopedic, ob/gyn, drug delivery)
  • Cardiac electronics (pacemakers, defibrillators, cardiac assist, artificial hearts, laser revascularization)
  • Cardiac devices (catheters and stents, valve repair, Intra-aortic balloon pumps and disposables
  • Signal processing and algorithm development
  • Surgical instruments
  • Medical imaging (diagnostic and laparoscopic)
  • Radiation therapy
  • Drug delivery devices
  • Fluidics controls and pumps
  • Surgical adhesion and anti-adhesion devices
  • Blood processing Lab automation and instrumentation
  • Biomaterials (plastic, polymer, metal, nonwoven)

Sample Searches

Some of the positions we have filled:

  • CEO – Pharmaceutical and health care industry advisory services company
  • Executive VP Engineering – Sleep apnea devices
  • VP Operations – Robotic systems for minimally invasive surgery
  • Vice President of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs — Robotic systems for interventional cardiology
  • Vice President of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs – Vascular devices
  • Vice President of Product Development – Cardiac ablation devices
  • And More…

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